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Hello World! I am a Computer Science and Business Management student at the University of Buffalo. I am a Software Developer with experience helping start up companies create their web product ideas. I have a strong background in Web Apps and Web Development, Cloud Deployments and Services, PaaS's, SaaS's, as well as Standalone products and Distributed Systems. I'm always looking for the next thing to learn and create! Activities outside of work that I enjoy are coding personal projects, playing guitar, boating, adventuring, and volunteering at local youth groups.

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Dan Starner


University of Buffalo

Computer Science May 2019

Pursuing Bachelor of Science [B.S.] in Computer Science and Minor in Business Management. Vice President of school's Association for Computing Machinery chapter. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Internet Class (internet-class.org)

St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute

High School Diploma May 2015

4.0 GPA: National Honors Society, Food Basket, Kairos Retreat Assistant Director. Classes: AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, Computer Forensics, Computer Hardware, Web Development. Worked with Tech Department to maintain school's networks and computer systems.


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  • General Electric Company (GE)

    Cloud Engineering Contractor May 2016 - August 2016

    ● Worked with the Asset Performance Management team to develop and implement a network-wide Audit management system by implementing a loss-less Cloud Service that could easily be integrated into any Cloud Foundry app/service, which allows for better management and record-keeping over the network.

    Technologies: BOSH, Cloud Foundry, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Java Spring Boot Framework, GE’s Predix

  • Stark and Wayne, LLC

    Software Engineering Intern February 2016 - Present

    ● Worked with Intel's Trusted Analytics platform to create an automated demo suite to allow developers and data scientists to try out the platform with different workshops in a controlled environment. This allowed potential customers to test the product while maintaining resource cost low.
    ● Designs and Develops new features and processes to run on Cloud applications deployed through BOSH and CloudFoundry, creating new IaaS’s, allowing developers to concentrate on app development instead of deployment.
    ● Redesigned and was a part of a team that built a Reliable Distributed Postgres Database Service (RDPG) and integrated many key features into it allowing easy setup for a distributed Postgres service on Cloud Foundry, including an automated backup of the system. These features allowed for different companies and developers to easily deploy BOSH releases so spend more time developing apps than setting up their environments.

    Technologies:​BOSH, Cloud Foundry, Golang, Bash, Postgres, SHIELD Backup API, Distributed Systems, PaaS, IaaS

  • Pitch + Pivot, LLC

    Software Engineering Consultant July 2015 - December 2015

    ● Developed new features for, maintained, and optimized a Python Flask webserver to aid Doctors in forming a relationship with patients.
    ● Built internal reporting tool to provide easy access and control to all of the firm's clients, while allowing the ability to see realtime reports from services such as Google Analytics, Moz, and Bright Local, and allowing quick login access to external accounts. These reports would be periodically emailed to appropriate consultants and employees.
    ● Currently designing a new system to add surveys as an option, giving the user an even greater ability to interact with patients, which will in turn lead to a better user experience and more users.
    ● Designed and developed a better integration of the Stripe API to allow demos, free trials, and paid subscriptions to increase user turnout.

    Technologies:​Python Flask/Django, Stripe API/Stripe Checkout, Arrow, Sqlalchemy, Postgresql, Sqlite3, Jinja, JS, JSON, Redis, Amazon S3, Mandrill, Gunicorn

  • Argyle Technology Group, LLC

    Software Engineering Intern May 2015 - September 2015

    ● Designed and developed with a small team an Occupational Therapy video game with a collection of fine­tuned exercises and an easy to understand UI to create a therapy option for patients using the wireless Thalmic Myo Armband and Unity 5 Game Engine in C# and Javascript. This allowed for the possibility of providing an alternative to generic therapy exercises, allowing cognitive thinking and exercise immersed in fun, friendly gameplay.
    ● Designed, built, and implemented a library for the Myo armband to make solving complex problems involving the armband easier and quicker, allowing for a higher efficiency when building.

    Technologies:​Unity 5, C#, JS, Thalmic Labs Myo Armband, LeapMotion, JSON


I love learning, and I am constantly trying new things and building off of previous ideas. Most of my skills come from learning on my own, but I also am very quick to picking up new things, and I am good at on-the-spot developing!

  • Python Flask/Django
  • Unity Game Engine
  • Graphics Design
  • Web Dev (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Java (Spring Boot, EE)
  • BOSH & Cloud Foundry

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